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Violet Ramos Gin Fizz | The Best Gin Fizz Variations!

Hi, Friends of Cocktails! Today we’re taking a look back, and a look ahead. We’ll first make a Lunar Fizz, a floral gin fizz variation we made on the channel back in August 2020, and then we’ll take a look ahead and make a perfect cocktail for the spring, a Ramos Violet Fizz - a combination of the Lunar Fizz and the Ramos Gin Fizz. A couple of delicious and beautiful looking drinks that will impress anyone. And if you ever need more ideas for cocktails, today's sponsor has you covered: Vector Bar.

Professional bartenders and home mixologists - we’ve all had that feeling of wanting a cocktail but not knowing what to make, right? And inevitably you just make the same drink you always make… hey, nothing wrong with enjoying the classics, but sometimes it’s fun to try something new and that’s where Vector Bar can help. With step-by-step guidance to make your new favorite cocktails, organized properly, you get the information you need straight away.

They started in November with 200 recipes, they’re now over 400 and growing. You can find the recipes based on what you have on hand, but also see what to buy next to make more amazing cocktails. So let’s say you have gin and Crème de violette on hand, but you’re in the mood for something different than an Aviation. The Search from Home view allows you to simply list the ingredients you want to use and it will give you the cocktails you can make with them.

You’ll also see where or by whom the cocktail was created, such as with the Lunar Fizz. Before we get into it I’d just like to thank the guys at Vector Bar for reaching out and including some of my cocktails into their app. Try it out if you’re an iPhone user and if you have any suggestions for future releases let them know through the contact form. Also, if you like to check out the recipes on bigger screens the app is of course also available for iPads. With that said, it’s Cocktail Time!

Lunar Fizz

● 45mL (1.5oz) Hendricks Lunar Gin

● 15mL (0.5oz) Violet Liqueur

● 10mL (0.33oz) simple syrup

● 22.5mL (0.75oz) lemon juice

● 22.5mL (0.75oz) egg white

● 2 dashes lavender bitters

● 60mL (2oz) soda water

Begin by chilling your big shaker tin and add the ingredients to the smaller tin - remember that giving the egg white a quick whisk will make it easier to measure. Drain the ice before shaking as hard as you’d shake a Ramos Gin Fizz, to chill and dilute the cocktail but also to emulsify the egg white. Then strain the cocktail back into the shaker, discard the ice and shake again to create an even frothier foam. Once you have a chilled highball glass ready add a little soda water, around 2 oz or 60 ml, and strain the cocktail into the soda.

This will make the cocktail bloom, expanding the foam even more. Now leave it to settle and thicken a bit - that way the top of the cocktail should be stable enough to rise above the rim as we add more soda water. Don’t overdo it, or it will start to slump back down, and express a lemon peel over the top for a little extra citrus aroma and that’s it. The Lunar Fizz. It’s been a while since I’ve made one and I really look forward to it.

Lemon and violet notes on the aroma give way to a wonderful sensation of the cocktail that’s creamy and light at the same time. This gin works wonderful with creme de violette, and it’s all nicely balanced by the lemon. All in all, a delightful cocktail that you can enjoy with all of your senses. But I’m not just telling you all of this - I’m adding a rating and notes to the cocktail in the Vector Bar app. This is immediately synced to the account in the cloud and you’ll always know which cocktails you loved.

One more cool feature is to add a negative ingredient to your search - something you don’t want to use and it will remove those cocktails from the search results. Let’s say I want a cocktail with crème de violet but don’t have lavender bitters or Maraschino liqueur. The Lunar Fizz and the Aviation are removed from the search results and we see The Ramos Violet Fizz. If you like floral cocktails you’ll like this one too and if you like how the Ramos Gin Fizz looks, you’ll LOVE this cocktail. The app will tell you this, but here’s what you need to make it.

Ramos Violet Fizz

● 37,5mL (1.25oz) Monkey 47

● 22.5mL (0.75oz) Creme de Violette

● 7.5mL (0.25oz) Creme de Cassis

● 15mL (0.5oz) simple syrup

● 22.5mL (0.75oz) Mixed Lemon & Lime Super Juice

● 22.5mL (0.75oz) Heavy cream

● 1 Egg White

● 2 drops Saline Solution

● top up soda

Begin in the same way as the previous cocktail, and to get the best and biggest foam I’m listening to Dave Arnold’s advice - he discovered that using one large ice cube and several smaller ones works the best. If there’s ever a cocktail to use this technique, it’s the Ramos. For the Lemon and Lime Super Juices, instead of adding 11.25mL (3⁄8oz) of each, I mixed them together in equal parts to make it easier. Also it’s better if you go for fresh egg whites, as I’ve shown in a previous Cocktail Engineering episode.

Finally, remember to put the dairy and egg in last, so it doesn't start to curdle. Now drain your shaker, add the cocktail and shake for a good 25-30 seconds. That gives me the time to tell you that this is the 3rd Ramos cocktail on Cocktail Time - I’ve also made the classic and clarified versions. Check those out right after this one. Once you’re getting tired strain the cocktail, dump the ice and shake again, to really froth it up. Again get a chilled glass, add 1 oz or 30 mL of soda and pour the cocktail over it through a fine mesh strainer.

As the cocktail mixes with soda water it will make the Ramos Violett Fizz even fluffier. Wait a little while for the foam to settle. In the meantime rinse the shaker with a little more soda water and slowly pour that into the center of the foam so the crown of the cocktail rises over the rim. Finally garnish with a blue pansy flower, or any other edible blossom. I can’t imagine somebody not being impressed by this beautiful cocktail.

It’s floral, fruity and even creamy on the aroma - or whatever you’d call the aroma of cream. The palate gets a dance of violet, creaminess and botanicals of the gin. Based on the looks you almost forget this is an effervescent drink, but the bubbles even accentuate the flavors. Floral and dark berry notes linger on the aftertaste. Bookmark this recipe for the spring, trust me. For detailed instructions on how to make both of these cocktails download the Vector Bar app from the app store.

Just enter the ingredients you have on hand and start exploring new mixes and flavors. What about if you use Android? Well, you’ll have to wait with the rest of us, but hopefully today’s cocktails give you some ideas so you’re not waiting empty-handed. Cheers, Friends of Cocktails!

A massive thanks to the Vector Bar app. Get it here:

By buying through the affiliate links you’re also helping out the Cocktail Time channel with a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Cheers!


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