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Every week’s issue of the Cocktail Times will bring you:

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Past Issues 

Issue #1

Cocktail Time: Cocktail hacks 2.0

Pre-batched Basil Smash, Paloma & Pisco Sour | Cocktail hack! • Why use saline solution in cocktails? Does it really make a difference? • Espresso Martini Tips

Issue #3

Behind the scenes Cocktail Time 📷?

The Martini through History | 3 Recipes Spanning 134 Years! • Can you make syrups without using granulated sugar? • Rum Old Fashioned

Issue #5

A small step for man, a giant leap for cocktails

Making Clear Ice With Any Sized Freezer! • What do you prefer in your Manhattans? Bourbon or rye? • Fat-washing spirits & cocktails

Issue #7

Secrets Revealed! - Where my glassware comes from

Chestnut Old Fashioned | The perfect Fall Cocktail • Where do you source your glassware? • Clarifying Citrus Juice

Issue #9

Should you dishwasher-infuse spirits? 🤯

Gentleman’s Health Cocktail 2022 - Delicious & Healthy • I don’t have a sous vide, how else can I infuse my spirits for bitters and cocktails? • Moscow Mule

Issue #11

Where I get the inspiration for my cocktails 🤫

The Tequila Sunrise - Improving on a century old cocktail! • Where do you find the inspiration for many of your cocktails? • Bellini

Issue #13

Powdered Campari makes for the best garnish 😍

3 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes | Funky, smokey & herbal! • What about making other powdered liqueurs beside Campari? • Homemade Coffee Liqueur

Issue #15

Butter & Bitter - Can it get any better? 🤔

Beer, but better? | Butterbeer Old vs New! • How do you choose which bitters to use in a cocktail? • Homemade Bitters - Part 2!

Issue #17

Super Juice, Super Syrup, Super Year!

Rum & Champagne - 3 recipes to celebrate 2022 and toast to 2023! • Is there a correct procedure to infuse spirits and liqueurs with tea? • Verjuice

Issue #19

What's "Golden Super Juice" 😮?

How To Get 30x More Juice From Kumquats? • Besides olives and citrus peels, what other garnishes can go in a Martini? • Making a signature drink! - Part 1

Issue #21

These News are Nuts 🤯

The Whiskey Sour Through Time | 3 Recipes Spanning 150 years • Can I make orgeat using other nuts besides almonds? • Wine cocktails!

Issue #23

Do not fear, Friends of Cocktails 🧟!

The Zombie Cocktail Turned Old Fashioned! • Why do you chill your cocktail shaker when making cocktails on the channel? • Wine cocktails - Part 2!

Issue #25

Toast with us, it's a celebration 🎉

Inverted White Russian No. 2 | Step aside Dalgona Coffee! • Is there a reason why you do a reverse dry shake and not a standard dry shake? • The Negroni

Issue #27

What the Slavic Gods Drank 🤔

2 Centuries of the Gin & Tonic! • I want to make the Butter Syrup you used for Butterbeer 🧈, but why add both xanthan gum and gum arabic instead of a larger amount of one? • Using cheese in cocktails 🧀

Issue #29

Blue his house, with a blue little cocktail 🔵

Blue Gin & Tonic with DIY Tonic Water! • Saline solution appears a lot on the channel, but what about citric acid solution 🍋? • Rob Roy

Issue #31

Have an Egg-celent Easter 🎉

The Eggroni | An Edible Easter Negroni! • Do you use tinctures for your cocktails? -

Issue #33

Hue-morous drinks & fluffy cocktails ☁️

Color Changing Cocktails | The Next Summer Trend? • How do you pick the base spirit for homemade liqueurs? • Ramos Gin Fizz

Issue #35

Mushrooms, Negronis & More 🍄!

The Negroni Through Time |How Has It Changed in 163 Years? • What’s the point of making simple syrups if rich syrups are more shelf stable? • Adding mushrooms to cocktails

Issue #37

Is the Spritz the best Summer cocktail 🤩?

Are Mini Sized Cocktails Better Than Regular Ones? • There are a lot of ways to make foams on the channel, but have you ever tried using sucrose esters? • Spritz Cocktails

Issue #39

The Most Stressful Episode Yet 🤫!

The Blue Hawaii | Will it be Better Upside Down? • What has been the hardest Cocktail Time episode yet? • Piña Colada

Issue #41

My First Cocktail Was a Fail 😂

Crystal Collins | The Better Cousin of Tom Collins? • What was the first cocktail you ever learned how to make? • Piña Colada - Part 2!

Issue #43

Will My Top 3 Drinks Surprise You 🤔?

Italicus & Elderflower Ice Cream for the Best Sgroppino! • What are your top 3 cocktails of all time? • Whiskey Sour - Part 1

Issue #45

Why There Wasn't a New Episode 🤫

Cocktail Time Wall of Fame! • What tips would you give to yourself when you started bartending? • New York Sour - Part 2

Issue #47

Christmas in July 🎄🤩?!

History of El Presidente | One of the Best Cuban Cocktails? • What classic cocktail do you think is the hardest to master? • Highballs - Part 2!

Issue #49

The Secrets of Sustainable Cocktails ♻️

Homemade Coconut Rum Liqueur vs. Malibu | Who Will Win? • For the Blue Hawaii episode you switched vodka for gin & cachaca. What other spirit combos or substitutions do you recommend? • Making zero-waste cocktails

Issue #2

Want to improve your Martinis?

Garibaldicus No. 2 - Easy Brunch Cocktail with a Delicious Garnish! • Do you have book recommendations on zero alcohol cocktails (mocktails)? • Gibson Martini Tips

Issue #4

Pineapple Super Juice 😮?

The HighFall | Buckwheat and Pear Cocktail for the Fall! • Is it possible to make Pineapple Super Juice 🍍? • Hemingway Daiquiri

Issue #6

Cameraman Kevin Kos 📹, reporting for duty!

Homemade Allspice Bitters | Make better Old Fashioneds! • Why should I use different acids in cordials or Super Juice? Is citric not enough? • Southside

Issue #8

There's magic in cocktails that take weeks to make 🪄

Wednesday’s Revenge | An Addams Family inspired Halloween cocktail! • Why create cocktails that takes days or weeks to make ⏰? What is the point? • Making homemade bitters

Issue #10

The only time I wouldn't use Super Juice 🤔

Mulled Wine Cocktails - Classic, White & Red • Is there a vegan way for clarifying cocktails 🌱? • French 75

Issue #12

Are powdered egg whites better for your cocktails 🥚?

Šeto (pronounced “sha·tow”) | A traditional Slovenian drink! • Have you ever tried using powdered egg whites in cocktails 🥚? • Mint Julep

Issue #14

Bitters, books, bricks or bottled cocktails 🤔

Bartending gift ideas for holidays - Festive Bitters, Bottled Cocktails, Books & More! • You seem to like every cocktail on the show! What are some you’re not a big fan of? • White Russian

Issue #16

It's a Gin & Tonic, not salad 🥗!

Drink Masters Challenge Explained! • I see you using saline solution in almost every cocktail, but how about MSG solution? • Gin & Tonic

Issue #18

What do you mean no cocktails in January 🤨?

Non-alcoholic Orange and Aromatic Bitters! • Saw you used green tea ice cubes to chill a Martini once, why not just add green tea to the cocktail instead? • The Sidecar

Issue #20

There are 400+ cocktail recipes here 😎

Violet Ramos Gin Fizz | The Best Gin Fizz Variations! •Shaking, stirring or throwing? When do I know which one to use? • Making Craft Cocktails - Part 2!

Issue #22

Guess this new Cocktail Time episode 🤫

Zombie episode teaser • How do you make egg whites easier to use in cocktails 🥚? It 's always a mess! • Hanky Panky

Issue #24

Do you even clarify, bro? 💪😎

3 Sotol Cocktails | Like Tequila but Better? • Is there a way of using the curds left after clarifying a cocktail for more sustainable drinks 🥛? • Verjuice - Part 2

Issue #26

Cocktail Time to Celebrate All Women!

Strawberry Yogurt | The Cocktail for Women’s Day! • To toast or not to toast spices when making syrups, bitters & more? • Clarifying Citrus Juice

Issue #28

Whiskey, Beer, and Coffee Walk Into a Bar...

Two Saint Patrick's Day Cocktails with Guinness Syrup! • Mint 🌿 - to muddle or not to muddle? • Cocktail Syrups

Issue #30

It's Tiki Cocktail Time 🍹!

Non-alcoholic DIY Bourbon | How good is it? • How do I know which rums to pair for tiki drinks? • Acid adjusting

Issue #32

POV: You are in Cocktail Time 📷

The Penicillin | This Time Without Ginger! • What does Pectinex do and is there a way of substituting it? • Acid adjusting - Part 2!

Issue #34

The Coolest Newsletter Yet ❄️!

Using the Power of Ice for Infusions | Sous Pression • What are ways of taming bitter flavors in cocktails to make amari or tonic more accessible? • White Negroni

Issue #36

Olive Oil and Charcoal in Drinks 🤨?

Tap Cocktails at Home! | Daiquiri, Aviation & Whiskey Sour • Why is it important to learn the history behind a cocktail? • Olive oil in cocktails

Issue #38

I drink WHAT at home 🤯?

Chocolate Brownie in a Manhattan | The Perfect Combination! • What kind of cocktails do you make for yourself most often? • Highballs

Issue #40

Enter the Wall of Fame 🤩

Homemade Elderflower Liqueur | Cheaper & Fresher! • Why is bourbon more common in whisk(e)y cocktails than scotch? • Pisco Sour

Issue #42

Italian Villas and Upside Down Tiki 😎

FIOL Prosecco Spritz With Basil & Olive Oil Syrup?! • What do you think are the coolest trends in mixology right now? • Bloody Mary

Issue #44

My Favorite Cocktail Time Episode 🤩

A 400 Year Old Cocktail | The Mojito! • Do you have a favorite Cocktail Time episode? • Egg Whites in Cocktails

Issue #46

Tuna Oil & Prosecco in Cocktails 🤯?

FIOL Rooibos & Strawberry Bellini | Will It Beat The Original? • What’s the weirdest ingredient you’ve used in cocktails? • Zero-proof Cocktails

Issue #48

Is a Mustache the Secret for Better Drinks 🤔?

Rooibos Martini | Step Aside, Earl Grey MarTEAni! • How do you style your mustache? And is it the secret to making great cocktails? • Sidecar - Part 2!

Issue #50

So that's how Cocktail Time is made 🤔!

Alcohol Free Sweet Vermouth | Yes, It's Possible! • Is there a process you follow when making new cocktails for Cocktail Time? • Mezcal in Cocktails

Read all about it…

Every week’s issue of the Cocktail Times will bring you:

Weekly blog updates

Q&A with the best questions from all of you

Cocktail Tips & Tricks

​​Recommended Saturday Watch from other channels

Occasional exclusive perks & benefits​​

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