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Tropical Creamy Eggnog

Cocktail Time is back with another holiday special episode! This time I made tropical eggnog, with coconut, pineapple (in the Tequila), and banana oleo Saccharum. Oh and it's 100% dairy-free, so no tummy aches next morning! Why did I make it? To get back my stolen Cocktail Time watch! Make this for your family during the holidays and even the relative, who you call the Grinch behind his back, will love it! Cheers, and enjoy the holidays!

Grinch’s Eggnog

● 2 egg yolks

● 90 ml (3 oz) banana oleo saccharum*

● 200 ml (6.75 oz) coconut cream

● 100 ml (3.33 oz) coconut milk

● 4 drops saline solution

● 105 ml (3.5 oz) smoked pineapple Anejo Tequila

● 45 ml (1.5 oz) Fino sherry

● 4 g matcha powder

Make this cocktail in a blender, adding ingredients in the above-written order. Chill the cocktail in the fridge. When serving, grate some nutmeg on top.

*Banana Oleo Saccharum

● peels of 2 organic bananas

● 10 g white peppercorns

● 2.5 g allspice

● 250 g sugar

Lightly crush the spices with a mortar and pestle. Add all ingredients into a closed container (preferably a vacuum sealed sous vide bag). Strain the syrup after 3 days, when all the sugar dissolves. Use as a funky tropical sweetener in your favorite cocktail.

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