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Essential Cocktail SYRUPS

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

How to make essential cocktail syrups to use at home or in a bar. Sweetness is a key building block of almost every cocktail so here are sugars in cocktails explained.

Simple Syrup 1:1

· equal parts (by weight) sugar (any kind)

· equal parts (by weight) water

Rich Simple Syrup:

· two parts (by weight) sugar (any kind)

· one part (by weight) water

Honey Syrup (50% Sugar):

· Honey (by weight)

· Water (multiply weight of honey by 0,64)

Agave Syrup (watered down and calculated for the best results in cocktails):

· Agave Syrup (by weight)

· Water (multiply weight of agave syrup by 0,64)

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