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SPECIAL Beer Americano

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Beer in a cocktail isn't something we try very often but this one you should! It's a great refreshing summer sipper with nice floral and spicy notes. Plus, it's easy to make!

Special Beer Americano:

· 45ml (1 ½ oz) Campari

· 45ml (1 ½ oz) Carpano Rosso vermouth

· Top up with infused Peroni Azzurro foam

Peroni Azzuro Foam:

· 1g dried orange peels

· 1g green peppercorns

· 3 dried pink rose buds

Crush everything with a mortar and pestle then pour over the Peroni Azzurro beer. Let it steep for 10 minutes to infuse and then strain it into a soda siphon. Charge your siphon with a CO2 cartridge and put it in the fridge. Use it for multiple cocktails.

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