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Rose Mint Julep with DIY Rose Syrup

Do you like Mint Julep and you would like to try some twist on this minty classic? I will show you How to make a Rose Mint Julep with a DIY Rose Syrup, so you can enjoy your next "Run For the Roses" in style. This floral syrup is super easy and it’s so nice for many cocktails. Rose edition of a Gin Fizz, Gimlet, Tom Collins, you name it.

Rose & Mint Julep

● 60 ml (2 oz) Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon

● 7,5 ml (0.25 oz) Rose Syrup*

● 4-6 Mint Leaves

● 1 drop of saline solution

Add bourbon & mint (don’t forget to spank it) to a Julep cup and gently muddle the mint. Add syrup and saline solution. Fill the Julep Cup with crushed ice and stir with a bar spoon. To up with more crushed ice and garnish with a rose and a mint bouquet. Serve with a straw (or a julep strainer if you want to drink it the original way).

* DIY Rose Syrup

● 4 g Persian Pink Rosebuds

● 2 g pink peppercorn

● 2 g dried hibiscus petal

● 75 g water

● 75 g rose water

● 150 g sugar

Lightly crush dried spices with a mortar and pestle. Add all the ingredients to the sous vide bag, seal it (always double seal!), and cook for 3 hours at 55°C or 130°F in the sous vide cooker.

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