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New York Sour with Wine Foam | DIY Cherry Pit Syrup

How do you like your New York Sours - with or without the egg white? I decided to combine them and create a New York Sour with Wine Foam which goes so well with the DIY Cherry Pit Syrup I used as the sweetener. Since I used the Naked Grouse I’m calling this one the Naked York Sour. Find all the recipes down below. Cheers! Something I left out in the episode is that stone-fruit pits, including cherry pits, have traces of cyanide. But boiling them for 15 min, then cooking in a sous vide, like I did, render the poison harmless and poses no threat whatsoever. Even raw, they are safe in any quantity you would be likely to eat, just make sure you don't blend them or anything crazy like that. I was aware of this before making the syrup and we actually had this important note ready for the voiceovers, but then forgot to record that part, because we did it a couple of days later. Dropped the ball on that one, so I'd like to thank Matt Ronan for bringing it to our attention. We love it when you guys pay attention to what we do and share your knowledge with us as well!

Naked Sour

● 60 ml (2 oz) Naked Grouse Whisky

● 22,5 ml (0.75 oz) lemon juice

● 22,5 ml (0.75 oz) cherry pit syrup

● drop of saline solution

● top with wine foam

DIY Cherry Pit Syrup

● 60 g cherry pits

● 150 g water

● pinch of salt

● app. 110 g sugar (equal weight to water left)

Add the pits, water and salt in a pot and cook for 15 min on low heat. Then transfer everything to a sous vide bag and add the sugar (weight the amount of water you’re left with). Cook sous vide at 70°C (160° F) for 2,5 hours. Then strain, bottle and use.

Wine Foam

● 180 ml (6 oz) Pinot Noir wine

● 4 dashes cherry bitters

● 7,5 ml (0.25 oz) rich gomme syrup

● 2 medium size egg whites (60 ml or 2 oz)

Gently mix everything with a milk frother and pour into an iSi siphon. Charge with one N20 cartridge (2 if it’s a big siphon) and let it cool in the fridge for 30 minutes before use.

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Hope this is not too silly to ask - but why a syrup of the cherry pits instead of use the cherries themselves 🤔😉 🙂?

Kevin Kos
Kevin Kos
Dec 07, 2022
Replying to

Of course, it's not silly. Cherry pits add nutty notes.

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