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Mezcal Summer Sipper, The Chaloma

This Mezcal Summer Sipper was made as a part of a 3 ingredients challenge with Anders Erickson. I used clarified lemon juice with blended grapefruit peels, carbonized chamomile tea, and mezcal. The taste and ingredients slightly remind us of the Paloma, so I called this one the Chaloma. Anders Erickson is an amazing YouTube bartender who also had to make the cocktail with the same ingredients that Gabiel Morales from the Liquid Memoir picked for us. Make sure to check out their episodes too!

Here’s what Anders made:

And here’s Gabriel trying them both and some giving us his thoughts on them (and other interesting stuff!):


● 45 ml (1.5 oz) mezcal Vida

● 22,5 ml (0.75 oz) clarified lemon juice with grapefruit peels*

● 22,5 ml (0.75 oz) Dale Degroff triple syrup

● drop of saline solution

● top up with carbonated chamomile tea

* Clarified lemon juice with grapefruit peels

● 200 ml (6.66 oz) lemon juice

● 15 g grapefruit peels

● 0,4g agar-agar

Blend lemon juice and grapefruit peels. Heat up 50 ml (1.66 oz) of this citrus mixture and whisk in agar-agar until it's fully dissolved. Take off the heat and slowly add in the rest of the citrus juice, constantly whisking. Transfer to a bowl and place in an ice bath or freezer. Once a gel forms, strain through a cheesecloth and bottle.


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