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LUNAR Gin Fizz

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

To commemorate the birthday of Neil Armstrong and the first human moon landing, I made a Lunar version of a Gin Fizz. A Gin Fizz is basically a Tom Collins made with egg white and served without ice, but I also added violet liqueur and a homemade Lavender Bitters for a beautiful moonlit concoction I named the Lunar Fizz. For the base of the cocktail, I used the newly released Lunar gin from Hendrick’s. It is a distinctly floral gin with a delicate spicy finish, conceived under the influence of the celestial light of the moon. It’s a perfect gin in a perfect cocktail to honor Neil Armstrong.

Lunar Fizz:

· 45 ml (1 ½ oz) Hendrick’s Lunar gin

· 15 ml (1/2 oz) Violet liqueur

· 22,5 ml (3/4 oz) egg white

· 22,5 ml (3/4 oz) lemon juice

· 10 ml (1/3 oz) simple syrup 1:1

· 2 dashes Lavender bitters

· top up soda

Shake vigorously with ice (everything except soda), discard the ice, and shake again. Pour into a chilled highball glass and add soda to the top. Wait, wait a bit more and then slowly add more soda, so the cocktail reaches out of the glass. Spray it with lemon zest and discard the peel. This cocktail doesn’t need a garnish.

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