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INVERTED Clover Club. The Club Clover

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Since there aren't a lot of instructions about cocktail foams on the web, today I’ll show you how to make red foam using raspberries and soy lecithin. What I made with it, is not just another Clover Club, but an Inverted Clover Club! But first thing’s first - the story and the recipe of this pre-prohibition cocktail with a recipe that I like the most (since you can find a lot of different variations of this great foamy cocktail).

The Club Clover

• 45 ml (1 ½ oz) gin

• 15 ml (½ oz) Dry Vermouth

• 15 ml (½ oz) lemon juice

• 15 ml (½ oz) simple syrup

• 1 drop of 20% saline solution

Shake well with ice and strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass. With a spoon slowly add the red raspberry foam and place the fruit leather on top.

Raspberry syrup (for classic Clover Club)

Start with

• 250 g frozen raspberries

• 200 g water

Add to a pot and place on medium heat and let simmer for 10 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Strain through cheesecloth while still hot. I place the cheesecloth with the raspberries in a potato ricer to get out as much juice as possible. Measure out 150 ml of raspberry liquid (you will use the rest for raspberry foam) and add 150 g of sugar. Stir to dissolve and let chill before bottling. Before you bottle it, start making the red raspberry foam with the leftover raspberry liquid. The bottled raspberry syrup should be good for at least 3 weeks in the fridge. Besides the Cover Club, you can also use it in a refreshing soda or with some pancakes.

Red Raspberry Foam

• 140 ml raspberry liquid (or the amount you were left with from the previous step)

• 3,5 g soy lecithin (2,5% of the liquid amount)

Add the soy lecithin to the raspberry liquid and blend the mixture for at least 30 seconds. Set it aside for about 15 minutes for the lecithin to do its magic. While you wait, use up the pressed raspberries from before by making raspberry leather. After 15 minutes create foam by getting as much air into the mixture as possible. I used a handheld milk frother, but an immersion blender would work too. Set aside to settle a bit and start making the cocktail. You’ll then carefully spoon the foam on top.

Raspberry leather

Scrape out the pressed raspberries from the cheesecloth and weigh them, and add sugar, ½ the weight of the raspberries (I had 64 g of raspberries so I added 34 g of sugar). Stir to combine and hopefully the raspberries will still be hot enough for the sugar to dissolve. Then spread the raspberry purée evenly and thinly on baking parchment paper and place it in the food dehydrator for 5 hours, set to 60° C or 140° F. You can also use an oven, set on the lowest temperature setting, for about 3 hours. Peel the fruit leather off the paper and cut or tear it apart.

Classic Clover Club

Classic Clover Club:

• 45 ml (1 ½ oz) gin

• 15 ml (½ oz) Dry Vermouth

• 15 ml (½ oz) lemon juice

• 15 ml (½ oz) raspberry syrup

• 15 ml (½ oz) egg white

Shake it with ice, discard the ice and give it another shake. Double strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with raspberries (I love using the freeze-dried ones).

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