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SUPER JUICE - How to Get 8x as Much Juice From One Citrus?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Have you ever thought about how to get more juice from one citrus? Using citrus is a must for a number of cocktails, but is it really necessary to use one whole citrus for only one cocktail and then throw it away? It’s on us to think more environmentally friendly and try to be sustainable with our hobby/passion/profession. But when it’s also cheaper it’s easier to get the boss on board as well - there’s a method that can get you up to 8 times more juice from each citrus, the juice has a longer shelf life and a more prominent citrus flavor in a cocktail - those are wins all around, right? This is possible thanks to Super Juice - the brainchild of Nickle Morris, a bartender, and owner of Expo Cocktail Bar, in Louisville, Kentucky. I studied his technique, combined it with Dave Arnold’s formula for acids, and implemented it into my way of making ingredients. Our recipes may be a bit different but I kept the environmentally- and wallet-friendly approach. And so can you! Are you ready for Super Juice?!

LIME Super Juice

●Organic lime

●Citric Acid - 0.66 × weight of lime peels

●Malic Acid - 0.33 × weight of lime peels

● Water - 16.66 × weight of lime peels

LEMON Super Juice

● Organic lemon

● Citric Acid - the equal weight of lemon peels

● Water - 16.66x weight of lemon peels

ORANGE Super Juice (acid-adjusted)

● Organic Orange

● Citric Acid - 0.9 × weight of orange peels

● Malic Acid - 0.1 × weight of orange peels

● Water - 16.66 × weight of orange peels

Peel the citrus of choice, weigh the peels, and put them in a jar with the appropriate amount of citric (and malic, for lime and orange) acid. See the formula above. Shake well and leave it for up to two hours. This will give you “oleo citrate” which will give our juice acidity and citrus flavor. Then place everything from the jar (including the peels) into a blender and add water (again see formula above). Make sure to rinse inside of a jar with water to get out all the oleo citrate. Juice the lime/lemon / orange and add the juice into the blender as well. Blend for half a minute then strain through a cheesecloth. Bottle the Super Juice, keep it in the fridge and use it within a week.

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