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Halloween Penicillin + CANDIED PUMPKIN Garnish Treat

It's that time of the year! A special Halloween Cocktail Time with a Candied Pumpkin Garnish treat is here! Halloween is our DOP's favorite time of the year, Sašo had this date circled on his calendar since we started with our channel. So I really tried my best to give him, and you, the cocktail that will fit well in this theme. I created a Halloween version of the Penicillin, made it black, and added pumpkin to the syrup, with a candied pumpkin garnish for the treat. The trick? Dry ice for presentation only! We also dedicate this episode to a big horror movie star, Vincent Price, who is a big inspiration to Sašo. I hope I did his legacy justice with this episode, the cocktail, and the intro.

Before we start making the cocktail of the evening, we have to make some candied pumpkin garnish. Here is the recipe:

Candied Pumpkin Garnish treat

• 250 g Nutmeg pumpkin, peeled and sliced

• 10 g peeled and sliced ginger

• 20 ml (2/3 oz) lemon juice

• 0,15 g Lapsang Souchong tea

Put everything in a pot and add cold water to cover the pumpkin slices. Heat it to a boil and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Then rinse the pumpkins and put them back in the pot. Add:

• 150 g sugar

• Water, until it reaches the top of the pumpkins

Cook without a lid for 45 minutes, then cover and cook for an additional 10 minutes, without letting it go over a slow boil. Drain the pumpkin squares and leave them to cool a bit, before placing them in a food dehydrator for 16 hours at 65°C or 150°F (or use a convection oven and a baking rack). After they’re done, take them out and coat them with powdered sugar.

Halloween Honey-Ginger-Pumpkin syrup

• 63 g Nutmeg pumpkin juice, strained

• 5 g ginger juice, strained

• 100 g honey

Mix everything until fully incorporated, without heating.

Halloween Penicillin

• 60 ml (2 oz) Blended Scotch (I used Monkey Shoulder)

• 22,5 ml (3/4 oz) Halloween honey-ginger-pumpkin syrup

• 22,5 ml (3/4 oz) lemon juice

• 8 drops of squid ink solution (1:1 squid ink and water)

• To release the trapped ghosts inside the ice use dry ice (remove before drinking)

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