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Corona BEER Cocktail, Mexican Penicillin

Have you ever thought of making a Corona beer cocktail? Coronarita is something often seen on the internet. But we can make something better and more elegant than the frozen Margarita with Corona beer turned upside down. With the spiciness of pink peppercorn and smoky notes of Mezcal, this cocktail reminds me more of Penicillin but with Mexican notes. This time I made a cordial with reduced beer and some spices. You can use the recipe for many different types of beer and pair it with different spirits. I hope I triggered you for some new creations.

Mexican Penicillin

● 60 ml (2 oz) Tequila

● 37,5 ml (1.25 oz) Corona beer cordial*

● 3 drops saline solution

● top-up soda water

● float 1 barspoon mezcal

* Corona beer cordial

● 150 ml (5 oz) reduced Corona beer

● 8 g pink peppercorn

● 4 g dried chamomile

● 65 g sugar

● 3,5 g citric acid

● 3 g malic acid

Reduce corona beer by half. While reducing beer, infuse spices (no more than 10 minutes). After this process strain and filter the beer through a muslin cloth. Add sugar and acids and stir to dissolve. Use in a month (but it should last more than that).

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