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Clear MOJITO with CLARIFIED Lime & Mint Cordial

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Have you ever worked at or hosted a party where you made a lot of Mojitos? Were you tired of muddling mint for every single cocktail? I have a solution! Lime & Mint cordial for fast and clear-looking Mojitos, without compromising the lacking fresh mint taste. Clarified Mojito where the rum keeps its full flavour is the best option for larger parties or when you would like to impress your guests. The additional spray of Absinthe and a bit of cardamom in the cordial is just a great improvement of this cocktail but I will let you be the judge. What do you think of the Cocktail Time, Clear Mojito?

Cocktail Time Mojito

● 45 ml (1.5 oz) Havana 3y rum

● 30 ml (1 oz) Lime & Mint cordial*

● top-up soda water

● Absinthe sprayed Mint as garnish

* Lime & Mint cordial

● 100 ml (3.33 oz) lime juice

● 150 ml (5 oz) water

● 100 g white sugar

● 6-10 mint sprigs (depending on the size)

● 3 g lime peels

● 4 g citric acid

● 2 g malic acid

● 1 pod cardamom seeds

● 0,7 g agar-agar

Blend all the ingredients (except agar-agar) in a blender. Pour 90 ml of this mixture into a pot and add agar-agar. Place on medium high heat and stir. When agar-agar is fully dissolved, slowly add in the rest of the mixture, whisking constantly. Let the mixture cool in a freezer or an ice bath to solidify before you filter it through a cheesecloth or a muslin.

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