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Clarified PORNASTAR Martini with Champagne Foam

Clarified Pornstar Martini with champagne foam on top of the cocktail instead of serving it on the side? The recipe seems like a crazy experiment, but this Clarified Pornstar Martini turned out to be excellent! For this recipe, I was inspired by Rich Woods a.k.a. The Cocktail Guy, who has his own Youtube channel. Find the recipe and the links below.

Clarified Pornstar Martini

• 45 ml (1.5 oz) Absolut Vanilla vodka

• 7,5 ml (0.25 oz) Palo Cortado sherry

• 37 ml (1.25 oz) Clarified Passion Fruit Puree*

• 1 barspoon vanilla syrup*

• 1 drop lime acid solution (20%)*

• 1 drop saline solution (20%)

• champagne foam*

Clarified Passion Fruit Puree

• 300 g passion fruit puree

• 0,6 g pectinex

Blend fruit puree with pectinex for about 45 seconds. Leave it to settle and separate. Then strain it through a coffee filter.

Vanilla syrup

• 200 ml 1:1 simple syrup

• 4 g vanilla extract

Lime acid solution

• 41 g water

• 6 g citric acid

• 3 g malic acid

Champagne foam

• 100 ml champagne

• 0,6 g soy lecithin

• 0,1 g xanthan gum

Blend the ingredients to get a nice champagne foam. Gently add the foam to a cocktail with a spoon. If you will serve multiple Pornstar Martinis, you can made foam in an Isi Siphon.

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How many Oz of clarified passionfruit you got wit 300 grm of pulp?

Kevin Kos
Kevin Kos
14 de mar.
Respondendo a

approximately 200 mL.

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