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1887 - Old Fashioned with COCA COLA

The “1887” cocktail is basically an Old Fashioned with Coca Cola and it was my latest entry in a cocktail competition. This episode is part 2 of How to win a cocktail competition, building on last week's episode, where I shared some tips and tricks to hopefully help you prepare for a cocktail competition in the future and get the best results. This cocktail is a Rum Old Fashioned made with Brugal 1888 and homemade woody Coca Cola foam on top (original Coca Cola was introduced in 1886). I named this cocktail “1887”. I bet you already know why! Here is how I made this Old Fashioned with Coca-Cola crown.


• 50 ml (1.66 oz) Brugal 1888

• 2 bar spoons simple syrup

• 3 dashes (5 if you are using a Japanese dasher) cherry bitters

• 1 dash maraschino

• orange peel (for a regal stir)

• top-up Woody Coca Cola foam

Stir everything except Coca-Cola foam in a mixing glass and pour into a chilled clay mug with ice. Add woody Coca-Cola foam on top.

Woody Coca Cola foam

• 300 ml (10 oz) Coca Cola

• 4 g whiskey wood chips

• 2 g charred whiskey wood chips

• 0,5 g allspice berries, crushed

• 20 ml (0,66 oz) Jack Daniel’s no7

Try to remove all possible CO2 from Coca-Cola and add everything in a plastic sous vide bag. Put the bag in sous vide water bath heated to 65°C for 4h. After it’s done, filter it through a coffee filter and to a pot. Heat it up and add

• ½ sheet of gelatine

After it's dissolved, pour the mixture into a siphon and add an N2O cartridge. Shake and leave it to chill in a fridge for at least 2h.

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