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Piña Colada with HORCHATA and Scotch

Do you love Pina Coladas? Well, who doesn’t? On a hot summer day and made properly I love them too. But what if I tell you that I made a version of Pina Colada that can be drunk the whole year? The ingredients like Horchata, scotch, lime shrub, and sherry might be far from the classic but still, the end result is quite similar and a bit funky in my opinion, but I will let you be the judge. What do you think?

Scotch Sherry Horchata Lime Shrub Pina Colada. With Pineapple fruit leather

● 52,5 ml (1.75) oz Chivas Extra

● 15 ml (0,5 oz) Tio Pepe sherry

● 52,5 ml (1.75 oz) Horchata*

● 45 ml (1.5 oz) Pineapple juice

● 1 barspoon gomme syrup

● 15 ml (0.5 oz) lime shrub**

● 0,4 g xanthan gum

Put everything in a blender together with 30 - 40g of ice and blend. Pour in a cup and garnish with Pineapple leather


● 200 g long-grain rice

● 750 g water

● 75 g almonds

● 0,75 g Ceylon cinnamon

● pinch of salt

● 0,6 g vanilla pod

● 150 g sweetened condensed milk

Rinse the rice, then cover with 750 g of water and place in the fridge overnight. Place almonds, cinnamon, and salt in a bowl covered with water, and leave on the counter overnight. Then place the strained almonds and cinnamon into a blender. Add rice (with water!), vanilla pod, and sweetened condensed milk. Blend for at least a minute and strain thoroughly for the best-looking horchata.

** Lime shrub

● 8 g lime peels

●105 g sugar

●150 ml (5 oz) apple cider vinegar

● 90 ml (3 oz) lime juice

Place everything in a blender and blend well then strain through a coffee filter. If you would like to clarify the shrub using agar-agar like I did check out the procedure here:

*** Pineapple fruit leather with matcha powder

Use leftover pineapple pulps from juicing the pineapple and add sugar (one-third the weight of the pulp). Stir it in a pan while adding heat so the sugar will dissolve and incorporate better. For the green color (representing pineapple leaves) add a teaspoon of matcha green tea powder and stir well to combine. Spread the puree thinly and evenly over parchment paper and place in a dehydrator set to 65°C for 8 hours.

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