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Make Amazing Cocktails Fast | Pre-Batched OLD FASHIONED

Have you ever hosted or worked at a party where you wanted to make great cocktails faster? In this episode I show you how to make amazing cocktails fast - a delicious pre-batched Old Fashioned that you can turn into a craft cocktail in seconds - with beer foam! When I work at events and weddings I always prepare the ingredients in advance, but with this Old Fashioned and beer foam you have the whole cocktail ready to go, so you can have more time to entertain your guests as you serve them classic and craft cocktails. This pre-batched Old Fashioned is just one idea. I hope I inspired you to make other cocktails with the pre-batched formula as well. Anyway, there will be many more cocktails made this way in the future. Find the recipes for today's episode below.

Pre-Batched Old Fashioned

● 600 ml (20 oz) Jameson Black Barrel

● 12 ml (0.4 oz) Angostura

● 50 ml (1.66 oz) rich demerara syrup

● 12 drops of 20% Saline Solution

● 200 ml (6.75 oz) water (or stir with ice in the glass)

Mix everything in a bowl, then bottle it. If you need this to be cold as fast as possible, place it in the freezer (but keep in mind that it might freeze if you leave it in there for too long, because of the added water). If you bottle it without adding water, you can store it on the shelf and stir it with ice to chill and dilute before serving.

Stout Foam (0.5 l siphon)

● 220 ml (7.5 oz) Stout Beer

● 0.5 g xanthan gum

● 7.5 ml (0.25 oz) maple syrup

● 4 drops of 20% Saline Solution

● 1 N2O cartridge

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend to combine before pouring in a cream whipper. The recipe is for a smaller, half-liter ISI gourmet whip. If yours is 1l double the amounts. Charge with N2O cartridge, shake, and place the cream whipper in the fridge to chill for at least 1 hour. Use it when it’s cold.

Orange Mist

● 30 ml (1 oz) Vodka

● 6 drops organic orange essential oil

Mix and pour in a small spray bottle.

Pre-Batched Stout Fashioned

●100 ml (3.5 oz) Pre-Batched Old Fashioned

● layer Stout Foam on top

● spray with Orange Mist Use a double Old-Fashioned glass with a large clear ice cube.

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